Dear Suppliers and Manufacturers,

Because we offer a limited assortment, we can offer you significant volume. Our “Everyday Low Price” philosophy translates into huge volume. You can be our only supplier for a product. This makes your operation extremely efficient and helps both of us to keep cost low and offer excellent prices to customers.
We are looking for both, commercial brands and private label manufacturers.

Our Expectations

We work based on professional and simple business relationships driving strong growth and good profitability.

We don’t require suppliers to pay or manage any extras, such as:
  • Unwarranted deductions
  • Rebates, coupons or promotions
  • Marketing, food shows or listing fees
  • In-store displays or rack-jobbing​
 We offer to our supplier:
  • On time payment always
  • Efficient deliveries to a central warehouse
  • Consistent growth based on sales volume and expansion

Become an O!Save Supplier

Please take the first step toward a profitable, long-term partnership with O!Save. Begin by visiting an O!Save store and reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions, see below.  

Contact us at “”

Frequently Asked Questions 
How do I become an O!Save Supplier?

Ans. Write us an email  at and you will receive our New Supplier Application Form.

What is a basic range item?

Ans. A basic range item is an item that we sell everyday in our stores.

What is a Private Label?

Ans. Private Label refers to our own brand name on our products. O!Save private label product quality meets or exceeds comparable brands.

What is a Display Ready Cases (DRC)?

Ans. Ideally your products come in Display Ready Cases or DRC. A Display Ready Cases refers to the outer case that should be ready to merchandise within our O!Save stores with no repacking necessary.

A DRC has the following attributes:
        - Fully printed
        - Easy to open and easy to display on shelf
        - Allow the product to be shopped easily
        - Stable and protect product throughout transit

Who is responsible for the label/case artwork fee?  Can we use our own design agency?

Ans. The supplier is responsible for artwork fees.
       - Suppliers work closely with our central purchasing team overseeing private labels.
       - Suppliers pay design fees.
       - Suppliers may use their own printer.

Can I schedule a meeting with Purchasing?

Ans. Once your email has been reviewed, the Purchasing team will contact you to discuss next steps.

Can I send samples?

Ans. Please do not submit samples unless requested by the Purchasing team.

Is it important for a supplier to visit an O!SAVE store?

Ans. Yes, a store visit is very important so that you can view our assortment, display cases and artwork.

Will I need to have my products tested by a 3rd-party testing facility?

Ans. Yes, if you are chosen to become an O!Save supplier, we will request you to send your products to a recommended FDA-recognized 3rd-party testing facility. O!Save also does internal product testing for all products. 

What documents will I be asked to submit if chosen to become a supplier?

Ans. All private label food production facilities must have a License To Operate (LTO) from FDA. The Purchasing team will request for a copy of your Certificate of Registration (BIR 2303); Business Permit; SEC or any equivalent documentation such but not limited to DTI Registration; Sales Invoice; Collection Receipt, third party audit certificate for all food manufacturing facilities.

Can I submit a deck outlining company and product information along with the
Supplemental Submission Form?

Ans. Yes, it is encouraged that a new supplier submits visuals to showcase your company and product portfolio.

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