Be a part of our O!Save journey,
become one of our Lessors!​

​O!Save is exploring new locations to continue our dynamic expansion and we are searching for the best locations or properties available. Our store locations are carefully selected because we want to be conveniently established where the customers are living.​

Location Criteria

  • Commercial building with a floor space of at least 250 squaremeters or a commercial lot of at least 350 square meters​
  • Within or close to the trade area, center of community and neighborhood​
  • A wide façade and parking space will be a plus​

For any available properties that meet the above criteria, send the "Details required for property" to

Details required for property:

  1. Complete Address​
  2. Size of Building or Land
  3. Owner Contact Details​
  4. Available Documentary Requirements:​
    - Title​
    - Tax Declaration​
    - Lot Plan​
    - Tax Clearance​
  5. Google Coordinates or Dropped Pin
  6. Actual picture of the property

Build Our Stores

You are a contractor with experience in building commercial space, fit-outs or ground up? Our rapid expansion needs partners like you! Send your details and credentials to

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